0637 KAMO HUN 1307Kamocsay Ákos

My life revolves around wine as long as I can remember. I discovered the miracles of wine and grapes when I was a child, visiting our vineyard and cellars in Mór with my father. Winery was not only a job for him – it has become a part of our lives too. There was no doubt that this would be the profession I choose for myself later.

After my studies I learnt the ins and outs of this profession next to my father, working in South Africa and in California in the meantime. In 2005 I established my own winery in Mór and in 2013 I continued to produce great wine with a brand-new name but with the same enthusiasm.

Besides my attachment to Mór, the times spent at Lake Balaton at my grandparent’s house also gave me unforgettable experience and I have become a sailing-enthusiast. I also love light, fruity wines after a long workday with my family or on a hot summer day with friends as a spritzer. It seemed obvious that I produced light wines in the Balaton area.

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